Monday, October 23, 2006

Orange Partner Camp

Just outside sunny Cadiz finding out about the world according to Orange. It is pouring down outside!

The opening "pow wow" was very Hollywood and gung ho stuff for the Orange faithfull. Interesting snippets were on ...

  • the Orange "next" programme which covers convergence both in terms of telecoms and broadband (the unik fixed/mobile thingy) and also in terms of services with a view to social networking and user generated content. The "web 2.0" buzzword was rather overused.
  • Their content people seem very focussed on apps on one hand and mobile TV on the other. Looks like in their eyes simpler content is yesterday's news. A very aggressive target of $400m of mobile content sales across the group for 2008 was mentioned.
  • The Access (PalmSource as was) linux based software platform was being pushed very hard as the new third way in "container" devices - but then again they had stumped up to be platinum sponser!
Overall feels a very successful event - all 450 places allegedly taken and feels that way. Plenty of interesting folks to talk to! But more on that next time ...

Friday, October 20, 2006

The first post!

As seems to be the fashion these days I plan to keep a blog of all those interesting little snippits I trip over in the course of my work.

Will I keep it up, and will anybody read it? Only time will tell!