Monday, January 19, 2009

Progress of the artist formally known as mixipix

Having spent a fair chunk of my career in mobile involved with mixipix it is really great to see Zamsana Media, who are now developing that IP, succeed in rolling out products based on that expertise in animated emotional communicontent and messaging services on mobile.

They had already provided the core content for FunText, a rich messaging service which has been launched on a number of operators including 3 in the UK and Sprint in the US.

Now they have launched their first service in their own right - PixMe - which has been initially lanched on Dialog in Sri Lanka as noted by local bloggers. I have no doubt we will be hearing of further launches in other parts of Asia in due course!

Zamsana itself is an interesting company with a creative and corporate core in the UK, backed up by a technical team in Sri Lanka, perfect for providing services into the Asian market and beyond.

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